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2012 Family Science Annual Meeting  Minutes
2012 Family Science Section Annual MeetingThursday, November 1, 2012 - 8:15-9:45 PMPhoenix, Arizona

Globilization of Family Science Curricula
As the world becomes increasingly more diverse, family science programs must meet the challenge of exposing students to broader examples of family life that occur around the globe. This article presents a comprehensive method for administrators,…

The Impact of Sharing Marital Problems with Friends: Lessons for Training Future Therapists
New research is shedding light on the impact that discussing marital problems with friends has on a couples' relationship. Both current and future therapists should assess for the level of involvement of friends in order to better understand couple…

Putting Love Back into the Love-Hate Relationship Students Have with Research
Rising to the challenge of engaging undergraduate students in research, this article outlines a unique way to incorporate scholarly material into class discussion. Using the topic of love, the author describes how his students develop a new-found…

Ready or Not? Assessing Student Ability to Work with Families
Dealing with problematic students or those who are not quite ready to work with families is an issue that family science faculty and administrators should address. Let's engage in a dialogue about what we can do to help students in need and those who…

Student's Corner: Collaborative Learning in Research Methods Courses
Getting students to embrace and enjoy research takes some creativity in the design of research methods courses and course assignments. Here is one example of a research methods course assignment that is favored by both undergraduate and graduate…

Student's Corner: Instructor Self-Disclosure...Yea or Nay? (Research Highlight)
Research has continually produced mixed results on whether or not students appreciate instructor self-disclosure in the classroom.

Student's Corner: Mentor-Mentee Partnerships
The mentor-mentee relationship can be a meaningful experience for both parties involved, especially when specific factors are taken into consideration. Based on her own experiences, Carrie explains the necessary components for a successful…

Using the Course Organizer Routine to Create a Learning Partnership with Students
The course organizer routine is an innovative process by which instructors collaborate with students to determine the community of the classroom. This partnership gives students an opportunity to weigh in on the organization of the course and how…

Welcome to the Advancing Family Science Section blog
Hi! I am Eboni Baugh, the blogger for the Advancing Family Science section of the National Council on Family Relations.It is my sincere hope that this blog will help advance the field of family science through discussions of best practices in the…
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