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We would encourage a more collaborative and co-created approach among feminist researches, practitioners, and those whose lives we seek to enhance.
We propose the concept of (more visible)feminist accountabilityas a way to work with and against, and to embrace, feelings of feminist fraudulence. To illustrate feeling like a feminist fraud and feminist accountability, and to explore how they are…
As feminist family scholars, we need to continue to pursue social justice.
This afternoon the top trending hashtag on Twitter is #MasculinitySoFragile. Much of it is funny and ironic, so is this a teachable moment? Is this an opportunity for digital scholars to ask new questions or offer alterative ideas? Is this just a…
Discussion -- May 4-6, 2016......join us to talk abouthow to teach queer theory, intersectionality and LGBT-parent families in family studies courses.
We discuss how to move the family studies field and the teaching of family theories from covering the "facts" that LGBT-parent families exist to a critical conversation that incorporates conceptual tools, language, and theoretical insights from queer…
Think of a time when they felt like a feminist fraud and handled a situation especially well or poorly.
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