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Beginning Monday, Feb 1 join the JFTR Discussion of the intergenerational transmission of family violence with Erika Smith-Marek and colleagues in "Effects of Childhood Experiences of Family Violence on Adult Partner Violence: A MetaAnalytic…
Think of a time when they felt like a feminist fraud and handled a situation especially well or poorly.
We discuss how to move the family studies field and the teaching of family theories from covering the "facts" that LGBT-parent families exist to a critical conversation that incorporates conceptual tools, language, and theoretical insights from queer…
Discussion -- May 4-6, 2016......join us to talk abouthow to teach queer theory, intersectionality and LGBT-parent families in family studies courses.
As feminist family scholars, we need to continue to pursue social justice.
We propose the concept of (more visible)feminist accountabilityas a way to work with and against, and to embrace, feelings of feminist fraudulence. To illustrate feeling like a feminist fraud and feminist accountability, and to explore how they are…
We would encourage a more collaborative and co-created approach among feminist researches, practitioners, and those whose lives we seek to enhance.
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