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Beginning Monday, Feb 1 join the JFTR Discussion of the intergenerational transmission of family violence with Erika Smith-Marek and colleagues in "Effects of Childhood Experiences of Family Violence on Adult Partner Violence: A MetaAnalytic…
Here are the authors who conducted the meta-analysis of 124 studies of the effects of childhood experiences of family violence (both victims & witnesses) who will be discussing their work at JFTR.
Our findings reveal that the impact of childhood experiences of violence is a complex phenomenon, which compels us to move beyond a linear examination of the effect of family-of-origin violence and male-to-female intimate partner violence (IPV).
We propose the concept of (more visible)feminist accountabilityas a way to work with and against, and to embrace, feelings of feminist fraudulence. To illustrate feeling like a feminist fraud and feminist accountability, and to explore how they are…
As feminist family scholars, we need to continue to pursue social justice.
As we describe in ourarticlewe have synthesized the thinking of many feminist scholars into some particular ways to manage feelings of fraudulence and moving out of immobilization
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