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Last month, something happened that was so unpredictable and outrageous that at the end of the day, the only redeeming thought I had was "Well, at least I can get a blog out of it."
What I have to say is difficult. I think I should state my central point now and then fill in the details. Here it is: My employment status with NCFR will be changing.
Family studies enthusiasts - Join in my trivia contest! An NCFR membership is the prize! Click on the headline above for contest details.
For a teen who hated Phy Ed classes, I could've been better served by Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.
This year in our extended family, due to economic realities, we are celebrating on-the-cheap.
The number of people in the last year who considered taking their own lives is frightening. The headline is: First-of-a-Kind National Study Reveals that 8.3 Million Adults in the U.S. had Serious Thoughts of Committing Suicide in the Past Year. …
Pauline Boss is a pioneer in the subject of family stress and, in the 1970s, she began to notice a type of grief-frozen grief, she calls it-that families experienced when a loss is ambiguous.
The endless frustration of getting called by telemarketers during the dinner hour.
Taxes, paperwork, bureaucracy-- and a very funny sheet of paper.
One of the most fascinating people I ever met was a compulsive liar.Many years ago, for one of our wedding anniversaries, my husband George and I reserved a fun dinner excursion on a train.It had a vintage dining car where we enjoyed a white linen…
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