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Last month, something happened that was so unpredictable and outrageous that at the end of the day, the only redeeming thought I had was "Well, at least I can get a blog out of it."
What I have to say is difficult. I think I should state my central point now and then fill in the details. Here it is: My employment status with NCFR will be changing.
Family studies enthusiasts - Join in my trivia contest! An NCFR membership is the prize! Click on the headline above for contest details.
For a teen who hated Phy Ed classes, I could've been better served by Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.
Many of us work in some capacity of endeavoring to understand or to serve families. At times, our progress regarding the difference we are trying to make seems like we're chasing an Impossible Dream.
The number of people in the last year who considered taking their own lives is frightening. The headline is: First-of-a-Kind National Study Reveals that 8.3 Million Adults in the U.S. had Serious Thoughts of Committing Suicide in the Past Year. …
Pauline Boss is a pioneer in the subject of family stress and, in the 1970s, she began to notice a type of grief-frozen grief, she calls it-that families experienced when a loss is ambiguous.
This year in our extended family, due to economic realities, we are celebrating on-the-cheap.
There is a custom in Minnesota-and I'm not sure to what extent it exists elsewhere-but here and there, roadside memorials materialize that obviously mark the spot of a fatal accident. Sometimes they are in the form of a cross, or sometimes they…
Author Don Peck pulls together information from many places-including scholarly sources familiar to NCFR. This article caught my eye because of two family scholars he quotes-Glen Elder and Kathryn Edin (speakers at NCFR conferences)-as well as input…
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