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I'm grateful I am aging in the era of Google, when a tip of the tongue hint can make for instant recall.
I believe one day I was brushed by an angel.
April is Military Child month.Awareness of the special needs of children with parents in the Armed Services is burgeoning, as it should be. However, it seems that the research and human services information available is largely focused on…
My grandmother--she was a "nobody"--two generations from now, she will be forgotten except in vital records. Oh how I wish I had her back.
We adopted a dog with separation anxiety. We spend several months building up his trust in us.
As a child, as is true for probably most children, I have felt the sting of a bully's taunt.
There was no other solution: we had to share the room.
A candy shop in a shopping mall near my home sells candy cigarettes; I could hardly believe my eyes. I've known lots of smokers in my life. I have yet to meet one who is happy he or she picked up the habit. In fact, almost all of them talk of their…
Think the internet is a scourge of humanity? I've been pleasantly surprised by the ways social networking is knitting people together.
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