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NCFR is about networking, research, professional development, and most of all, about families. That's what members tell us in this 60-second video.
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Three NCFR members participated in a UN meeting on family policy, June 1-3
The NCFR Book Club is back! This summer we will be reading Serving Military Families in the 21st Century.
The June 2010 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family is NCFR's "Decade in Review," a collection of landmark articles on important topics written by eminent scholars in the field. Buy it now.
In this essay in honor of Fathers Day, NCFR member and fatherhood expert Bill Marsiglio writes about his own experiences with fatherhood--as both a father and a son.
As part of a series on intergenerational relationships, New Professional member Toni Hill offers observations on caregiving among family members, a topic that is of increasing importance in our aging society, and the research that has and could be…
The prominent impact of families can and does extend into the college years, especially when parents and their sons and daughters recognize the need to renegotiate how they interact with one another.
Nurses have always been involved with in health care and health education of families in agencies and throughout the community in American history. It was not until more recent times starting in the early 1980s, that the nursing profession began to…
Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, one of NCFR's experts on military families, shares her wisdom on working with the military.
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