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This column appeared in the winter 2013 issue of NCFR Report magazine.
How long does it take to see peer-reviewed research appear about a specific event? In at least one case, it's been almost 6 years.
New resources about the age 18 - 25 year old adult are coming out all the time. Here's another one you may wish to have in your professional library.
Part of our preparation for NCFR's 75th anniversary conference in 2013 will be the unveiling of the NCFR History project. One of our staff members called my attention to one of the conference panelists from the very first conference in 1938 and…
A short review of "The Marriage Go-Round," a book by Andrew Cherlin.
Does getting involved in a book group sound interesting to you? NCFR has a Book Club that meets by conference call twice per year. Watch Zippy News for details!
New NCFR book club is on! Over the summer, we are going to be reading NCFR member Richard Settersten's new book, Not Quite Adults: Why Twenty Somethings are choosing a Slower Path to Adulthood and Why it's Good for Everyone.
A stunning and extraordinary event occurred at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) a few days ago. Their social media gurus launched a bizarre campaign to prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse. I am not making this up.
One of the most highly-researched and controversial areas of family studies is that of divorce and relationship dissolution. This situation is especially important where child well-being is concerned. A fabulous new issue of our scholarly journal,…
A review about a new book which informs families the link between parenting and academic success for children. The author is NCFR member, Stephen Gavazzi (pictured).
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