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NCFR is about networking, research, professional development, and most of all, about families. That's what members tell us in this 60-second video.
You've probably heard of "pregnancy brain" or "momnesia." You know that forgetfulness and loss of razor sharp thinking so many moms (especially academics) experience with pregnancy. Well today I invented a phrase called the "paternity leave brain".
This "Executive Review" article appeared in NCFR Report, Summer 2012
Data from the 2010 Census is coming in.Links to the detailed information are provided here.
Diane Cushman, NCFR's Executive Director, writes about the gift of technology and the options it affords to families trying to balance caregiving and a demanding career.
This morning I write with a heavy heart. Hurricane Irene is swirling in the Atlantic. The projected paths as of 8 am on Friday August 26 predict it will hit most of the eastern seaboard beginning tomorrow. Officials are advising evacuation in some…
Doing the right thing is part of our truer, deeper selves. Yet everyday uncountable numbers of human beings do terrible things to each other. This article examines several circumstances that can get in the way when we actually want to do the right…
I collect vintage family life education materials.
Every 10 years since 1970, NCFR has published a collection of articles written by expert scholars on a breadth of topics in our field. The 2010 Decade in Review is the June 2010 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family.
Over 160 people attended the CFLE Dinner in Minneapolis on November 3rd. The evening provided an opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation and to recognize the people responsible for its…
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