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Does getting involved in a book group sound interesting to you? NCFR has a Book Club that meets by conference call twice per year. Watch Zippy News for details!
This "President's Report" appeared in NCFR Report, Summer 2012
You've probably heard of "pregnancy brain" or "momnesia." You know that forgetfulness and loss of razor sharp thinking so many moms (especially academics) experience with pregnancy. Well today I invented a phrase called the "paternity leave brain".
Nurses have always been involved with in health care and health education of families in agencies and throughout the community in American history. It was not until more recent times starting in the early 1980s, that the nursing profession began to…
This NCFR member, sitting in a coffee shop, made a few observations about an older couple sitting nearby-observations on caregiving, on aging and on her field of medical family therapy.
A short review of "The Marriage Go-Round," a book by Andrew Cherlin.
Have you ever received an offer that sounds too good to be true? Maybe it was even sent to you by a trusted source. Before handing over your credit card information or any other personal info, make sure you know the facts and the risks involved.
Cindy Winter reflects on the life of Carl Williams, the NCFR conference audio-video consultant for over 30 years
The prominent impact of families can and does extend into the college years, especially when parents and their sons and daughters recognize the need to renegotiate how they interact with one another.
Part of our preparation for NCFR's 75th anniversary conference in 2013 will be the unveiling of the NCFR History project. One of our staff members called my attention to one of the conference panelists from the very first conference in 1938 and…
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