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In this blog, I am documenting a piece of family history. My late mother was the Valedictorian of her high school class. I'm sorting through boxes of her things, and I found her valedictory address from 1944. A bit of history. And I was able to scan…
CFLE and NCFR staff member Nancy Gonzalez's humorous but poignantopen letterto her young adult son about values and family resource managment.
A few days back, I completed an important home project. I set up my lighted ceramic village for the holidays. For those who don't know what these are, I've got a photo of my display... it's a planned community... I am very persnickety that each…
Many of us work in some capacity of endeavoring to understand or to serve families. At times, our progress regarding the difference we are trying to make seems like we're chasing an Impossible Dream.
An incident that happened recently in my own life was the impetus for this blog. For a few minutes at the time, I looked as if I was behaving childishly about it and my reaction to it, overblown. But there's more to it.
Trying to remember my Sociology 101 terms, my mentor gave me a clever mnemonic device.
Every office needs a purge now and then.
For the first time in my life, I just found out that I've been way out on the leading-edge of a trend! Long before it became fashionable! CNN is reporting that thrift store shopping is catching on in the middle class.
Homlessness in historical perspective--the Great Depression.
Have you had a life-changing mentor in your life? We would like to use the upcoming conference for a special activity-an opportunity to honor all of our mentors.
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