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How can parents talk to children about pet loss?
I'm forever getting heartrending pleas from people in pathetic situations from all over the globe. Our IT manager here at NCFR is expert at screening these out, so it's rare to happen at work. But my after hours accounts? Oh, boy. There's enough…
The tragic story of the life-threatening use of cell phones while driving..
A conversation with William Marsiglio about fatherhood and male generativity.
In this election cycle, for the first time in my adult life, family planning issues are front and center. I never expected contraception to be part of the political discourse, especially contraception practiced by a married couple. I can't think of a…
These past couple of days, there has been a firestorm of reaction to the new recommendations just released from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force about mammography and breast health.
My mother died on March 25. It's just now that my siblings and I are going though her belongings. She told us we couldn't begin sorting it until after she died. Box upon box has been in storage while she was in long term care. And I do mean boxes.
My wedding ring has changed me in an unexpected way. So has my marriage.
Short--very short--blog today.... just to say that I just passed my 2nd anniversary of blogging.
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