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Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, one of NCFR's experts on military families, shares her wisdom on working with the military.
In this community blog, we have a rate treat. Kari Adamsons, Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut, sings of her frustrations in grading. To be sung to the classic Don McLean tune, here is her humorous parody, "Why, Why is my Grade not…
How long does it take to see peer-reviewed research appear about a specific event? In at least one case, it's been almost 6 years.
NCFR is about networking, research, professional development, and most of all, about families. That's what members tell us in this 60-second video.
New resources about the age 18 - 25 year old adult are coming out all the time. Here's another one you may wish to have in your professional library.
Maria Schmeekle, Professor of Sociology at Illinois State, teaches family studies through a global lens. She began experimenting with a global/transnational/comparative approach in her Marriage and Family class. This kind of approach felt vital to…
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Part of our preparation for NCFR's 75th anniversary conference in 2013 will be the unveiling of the NCFR History project. One of our staff members called my attention to one of the conference panelists from the very first conference in 1938 and…
The prominent impact of families can and does extend into the college years, especially when parents and their sons and daughters recognize the need to renegotiate how they interact with one another.
Cindy Winter reflects on the life of Carl Williams, the NCFR conference audio-video consultant for over 30 years
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